The CCH Support Team is here to help you with any day-to-day operational issues you encounter when using our software.

As well as providing personal telephone support to our clients, members of the team also use their expertise and understanding of client requirements to:

  • Publish FAQs, hints and tips and notification of forthcoming updates by post and email.
  • Maintain resources – including a searchable KnowledgeBase – on dedicated support websites.
  • Analyse client feedback and pass this information to the Product Management Team to help them develop even better software.
  • Help the Quality Assurance Team test new applications and software updates.
  • Liaise with people across the entire company so that issues can be investigated, diagnosed and resolved with the minimum disruption.

Results from our client satisfaction surveys, call statistics and formal measurements of performance are constantly monitored to ensure that we maintain our industry leading reputation for service and satisfaction.

The quality of our support is one of the key reasons why, year after year, CCH clients remain CCH clients.

Training and Consultancy
When you select CCH, you’re not just getting a range of exceptional software products. You’re also getting access to training, consultancy and support services which are second to none.

If you want to get the best out of your software you need to understand exactly what it can do. Training and consultancy are available in two main formats:

CCH Professional Services Consultants do more than simply train – they work alongside you and your team to provide innovative business solutions.

Members of the Team combine an unrivalled knowledge of CCH software with real world experience in accountancy, practice management, taxation and IT. Who better to help you make the most of your investment in CCH software and systems?

  • Learn from the experts – our team know all about the software and understand your business needs
  • Learn about your software in depth – go beyond the basics
  • Improve productivity – get everyone up to speed as quickly as possible
  • Get the appropriate training – a range of training options cover everyone, from beginners to experienced users
  • Stay ahead of the game – update your skills to match software upgrades, new legislation and changing client expectations
  • Save chargeable time – don't rely on experienced staff to provide ad-hoc training to new starters

 For further information on CCH Training and Consultancy

Tel: (044) 9334631 or Email us at   



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