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Accounting practices are overwhelmed with paper, electronic documents, printouts and emails. Staff spend more time than ever filing and retrieving this information when they could be generating income for the practice.

CCH Document Management handles the three main sources of information within an accounting practice – paper documents, files generated by software and incoming and outgoing emails. Because CCH Document Management is linked to other applications in the CCH ProSystem Suite, filing overheads often associated with document management are eliminated.

  • Automatic filing – Because it’s part of the CCH ProSystem Suite, CCH Document Management can identify documents and emails and file them against the correct client with minimal user intervention. Client correspondence can also be generated and pre-populated from customised templates using existing client information.
  • Sharing – The CCH Client Portal allows you to share information securely with your clients, delivering a complete document management solution, both within and outside the practice. It offers two way transfer with full security and version control.
  • Workflow – Automate the movement of letters and documents through the practice by applying workflow templates.
  • Security – User logons, audit trails and secure storage help protect practice and client information. They enhance the legal admissibility of documents and provide protection from the threat of litigation. Implement a consistent firm-wide retention policy with automated expiry dates. Make disaster recovery plans easier to implement.
  • Instant access – Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Whether you’re on the road, at a client’s site or working from home, documents and emails are all still instantly available. Smart indexing and comprehensive search options make it easy to store and retrieve information wherever you are.

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What our clients say..

"With the introduction of CCH Document Management to our practice we can now easily file and view all our documents and emails in one location giving us instant access when clients phone with a query. The software is very user friendly and easy for new users to pick up. Since initial installation we have now rolled out the software to all our offices"
Alan Farrelly
Farrelly Dawe White


"With CCH Document Management we can keep control of everything in one place – emails, incoming paper correspondence and any documents or files that we create. The software is easy to use and new staff pick it up very quickly.You can find a document and bring it up on screen instantly - try doing that with a paper file!"
George Primrose

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