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Your clients expect appropriate and up to date advice at all times. How can you guarantee you’re delivering this? By building the tax rules into our software, and by providing regular updates as part of a comprehensive support package, we make sure that the calculations you perform and the advice you give are always in line with the latest legislation.

Work quickly and efficiently

You don't want to waste your time on routine tasks and repetitive data entry, and neither do your staff. Designed by tax professionals with the end user always in mind, our software eliminates or automates routine tasks so that everyone in the practice can spend their time as productively as possible.

Produce returns, computations and file online

Clients expect more than ever these days. Your largest clients want tax, pension and investment advice based on complex ‘What-If?’ scenarios. Your smaller clients turn to professional advisors for basic tax compliance work and expect good service at a reasonable cost. Only the best tax software allows you to meet everyone’s requirements profitably.

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“CCH Tax enables us to produce client tax returns quickly and easily. The roll forward facility from year to year saves us huge amounts of time and online filing through ROS is simple”
Ken Herbert
Ken Herbert & Co

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