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Audit can be a risky business these days. International Standards on Auditing require meticulous attention to documentation and stipulate the approach to be taken, particularly in relation to control, fraud and risk.

CCH Audit Automation software gives professional practices reassurance that the audit documentation they generate will stand up to quality inspection and legal challenge. By automating the audit process, they can be certain that all their staff are following correct procedures at all times. And by reducing paperwork and improving efficiency, they can also be confident about making a profit from their audit work.

  • Automated audit process – Once the audit process is automated, the time required to plan, customise and document the audit is dramatically reduced with the current year’s files providing a template for future years. When the work has been automated it’s more consistent and easier to manage and staff time is used more efficiently.
  • Reduced risk for you and your clients – The risk-based model at the heart of CCH Audit Automation helps you to identify and record risk at every stage in the audit process and means you can be confident of complying with the new Clarity ISAs. With more documentation now required to demonstrate compliance, the integrated document management functions make it easier to meet the new requirements.
  • Paperless working – Manual audits create a lot of paper. Paper takes up valuable office space, costs money to store and takes time to file and retrieve. Paperless audit reduces the cost and makes information easier and quicker to find.
  • Customised working – Every client has different requirements and every auditor has a different way of working. With CCH Audit Automation it’s easy to adapt and customise documents and programmes and to save these changes for future use.
  • Choice of audit methodologies – Select one of our standard methodologies - CCH or Mercia - or automate your own to match what you currently use. The choice is yours.

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What our clients say..

"CCH Audit Automation requires an upfront time investment, but long term benefits are huge in terms of electronic storage, ensuring compliance with ISAs, offsite access to the audit files for review purposes and the maintenance of a proper permanent audit file. Also the ability to replicate planning and audit tests for clients in the same industry leads to significant time savings”
John Callaghan, Partner
Moore Stephens Nathans

"CCH Audit Automation provides the audit tests for different industries which can easily be tailored, resulting in significant time saving and reduced risk for us. Electronic storage, offsite access to audit files and assistance with ISA compliance are also major benefits of the software"
Louise Carey, Partner
L M Carey & Co

"First impressions count and turning up to a clients office with a laptop looks so much more professional than staggering in with an armful of cardboard boxes and over-stuffed lever arch files"
Maurice Frost
Richard Place Dobson

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