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For many personal and business clients, email is the preferred method of communication. Delivered straight to the recipient’s desk, it’s easy to respond to and quick to file. For the sender, it’s far cheaper than post and offers an opportunity to track and manage responses. Third party systems can be costly and require client data to be exported and uploaded, but what are the alternatives?

CCH Email Management integrates email delivery and management with other applications in the CCH ProSystem Suite, enabling you to use the client and prospect data you already hold in CCH Central.

  • Multiple templates – Each type of email that you send can be based on a different template (for example, regular newsletters, expert commentary, urgent newsflashes or bill reminders) so you can create an identity for all your client communication.
  • HTML format – Emails use HTML format, allowing you to insert pictures, links and other rich content, giving them a professional look. A WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to create emails and templates, and attachments can also be added.
  • Personalisation – Emails can be personalised by adding data drawn directly from CCH Central, including the ‘extra’ fields in CCH Central which contain user-defined data. For example, send requests to confirm contact details or bill reminders which include the balance and aging information.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration – CCH Email Management uses Microsoft Outlook (Version 2003 or higher) for sending out the emails so for most users there are no additional programs to install or configure.
  • Track recipient response – Links within the emails can be tracked so you know which contacts are interested in which topics. (Tracking requires a web server running ASP .NET Version 2.0 or above.)
  • Follow up activity – Sent emails can be added to the document history for each contact, so you know which emails a client or contact has been sent.

CCH Email Management is part of the CCH ProSystem Suite, allowing it to share data with other members of the Suite through CCH Central.

  • Sending and tracking emails – CCH Email Management is included with CCH Campaign Management, allowing all marketing functions to be performed within the CCH ProSystem Suite.
  • Client and prospect data – CCH Email Management uses the client and prospect contact details you already hold in CCH Central, so it’s always correct and up to date.

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