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Are you still using spreadsheets to manage client communication? If so, you probably use a new spreadsheet for each event or mailing, which wastes time and loses the valuable information you collect with each campaign. Or perhaps you’re struggling with a dedicated CRM system that’s complicated enough to market a multi-national but which won’t give you the information you really need.

CCH Campaign Management has everything you need to build and manage effective campaigns.

  • Complete control – Manage the entire communication process, from finding target clients and prospects, through creating personalised letters and invitations, to tracking and following up responses.
  • Exploit your client data – Use all the data you currently hold on your clients and prospects, including any associations between contacts. You can create custom fields to record extra information specifically for your campaign (such as dietary preferences at a lunchtime event).
  • Tracking clients – Find out which clients attend your events or respond to your mailings. Check their feedback and manage follow-up activities, such as sending out information and scheduling meetings.
  • External data – Use the CCH Import Contact Utility to import external data, such as third party mailing lists.
  • Minimal training – CCH Campaign Management has been designed specifically for accounting practices and professional firms. It uses the data you’ve already got and the systems you’re already familiar with, so it requires minimal additional training.

CCH Campaign Management is part of the CCH ProSystem Suite, allowing it to share data with other members of the Suite through CCH Central.

  • Sending and tracking emails – CCH Campaign Management includes CCH Email Management so that all marketing functions can be performed within the CCH ProSystem Suite.
  • Return on investment – If you use CCH Campaign Management alongside CCH Practice Management you can record time and expenses and track the fees attributable to each campaign. By accurately measuring ROI you can find out exactly what works for your practice.
  • Client and prospect data – CCH Campaign Management uses the client and prospect contact details you already hold in CCH Central, so it’s always correct and up to date

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