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CCH Portal was designed specifically for accounting practices and offers secure two way communication between a practice and their clients. CCH Portal supports and improves client relationships and helps establish a practices reputation as modern and progressive.

                                   CCH Portal - Document exchange just got personal


CCH Portal goes way beyond traditional document exchange and simple file sharing. It's a personalised document exchange system that allows you to create a totally secure online environment for you and your clients to communicate and work together.

CCH Portal  will help to establish your reputation as a forward-thinking practice. Secure, two-way real time messaging make it easy for you to collaborate online, whether you’re seeking approval for a tax return, finalising the accounts or offering other value added services.


CCH Portal uses the highest available, military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, giving you and your clients complete peace of mind. On top of this we apply the same security protocols used by internet banks and similar websites to provide your clients with the visible reassurance of the familiar closed padlock and https website address. In addition CCH Portal is hosted in one of the most secure data centres in the Republic of Ireland.

Secure, personalised communication

CCH Portal includes a two-way messaging facility so that conversations with your clients can be stored in the client file and accessed from a single, central location. By making sure that all sensitive communication stays within this secure environment, CCH Portal reduces risk and protects client confidentiality.


CCH Portal can be implemented even if you don`t currently use other CCH Software applications. For the many practices that do, CCH Portal integrates with the CCH software suite so you can publish documents straight to the Portal as you work on tax, accounting and practice management tasks. Files and documents from other sources – such as spread sheets and PDFs – can also be added.

Electronic Approval

Any document that’s been published to the Portal can be flagged to require client approval. The approval or rejection status is automatically updated in CCH Central, including the time and date of approval and the approver’s name. Get assurance of client sign-off, backed with a full audit trail.

Managing client relationships

CCH Portal uses the client and employee information already set up in CCH Central, including client associations and team security settings, so you can support client relationships on a single system while limiting access to sensitive data. CCH Portal sends client messages directly to CCH Central so that client communications take priority.


Allow your clients and mobile staff to access key documents 24/7, eliminating postal delays and charges. Capture all client communication in a single location for greater visibility and control.

Personalised login

The CCH Portal automates the process of setting up new users with personalised emails, activation codes and an activation link, plus a fully automated “forgotten password” facility. You control the minimum password length and complexity.

Audit trail

A full audit trail is retained in CCH Central showing every transaction on the portal, including date, time and the IP address of anyone accessing the Portal or reviewing and approving documents.



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