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The market is changing rapidly for accountancy firms. In the past much of the work involved processing and completing accounts. With margins becoming tighter and tighter it is in the interests of accounting practices to offer their clients increasingly value-added services such as Twinfield Online Accounting.

Effective online collaboration
With Twinfield you and your clients can work simultaneously in the same online accounting system which means the physical transfer of data is unnecessary. Your clients have constant access to the most up-to-date information without requiring any additional work from you. And should clients wish to use this information to initiate decisions and actions they can ask you for advice. Such online collaboration allows you to do more work in less time and to focus more on the tasks that enable you to demonstrate added value.
Increased efficiency and flexibility
With Twinfield Online Accounting, there is no need to install, implement and maintain independent accounting suites and associated IT infrastructure. All your clients have to do is take out a fixed low monthly subscription. Twinfield links easily with other programs such as salary administration and stock control further reducing the need for time consuming manual data transfer.

Twinfield allows optimal collaboration with your clients through the online accountantsportal based on iXBRL. It saves you time by ensuring more efficient processing and data exchange.

You can offer a better service to your clients by providing them with constant insight into their financial situation, through an up-to-date display of information and reports.

By taking advantage of real-time access to your clients’ financial data, you are able to easily monitor their performance and provide timely advice on taxation and business affairs, helping them to develop their business and identify issues before they turn into serious problems.

You have access to the accounts of all your clients - anytime and anywhere. With Twinfield you can optimise the collaboration amongst your staff and with your clients, which increases accuracy and efficiency by eliminating errors caused by re-keying data or physically transferring financial information from one place to another.

Enhancing your advisory capacity
Processing and exchanging financial data must be done with greater efficiency so that you can dedicate more time to advisory activities. With Twinfield you can determine how much accounting work should be performed by the client and how much should be outsourced to you or a third party. You can offer your clients a set of tools that will enable them to safely perform some of the routine bookkeeping tasks themselves, allowing you to devote more time to auditing and advisory services.

Other Twinfield innovations currently under development are

  • Seamless integration with CCH Accounts Production
  • Dashboards and KPIs, and facilities for accountants to set up their own portal (MyTwinfield), to support the development of online branding and marketing.
  • An ‘accountant finder’ (to help businesses searching for an online practitioner)

So, firms that are looking for a partner to help them streamline bookkeeping and compliance, and develop the value-added side of their business, will want to look closely at Twinfield.

For further information on how Twinfield online accounting can help you and your clients is available here 

Twinfield Online Accounting

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