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You don't want to waste your time on routine tasks and repetitive data entry, and neither do your staff. Designed by tax professionals with the end user always in mind, our software eliminates or automates routine tasks so that everyone in the practice can spend their time as productively as possible.

Produce returns, computations, and file online

  • Ease of use – CCH Personal Tax IE has been designed to be as easy as possible to use, whilst incorporating a high degree of functionality and flexibility.
  • Data entry – Well designed software means faster data entry, which has a major impact on ease of use. That’s why we’ve made sure that CCH Personal Tax IE provides simple, fast and error free data entry.
  • Income tax computations – Within seconds, CCH Personal Tax IE can deliver accurate and clearly presented income tax computations, very useful when investigating ‘What if?’ scenarios. A drill down facility ensures maximum efficiency when reviewing the computation.
  • Formats – Tax computations can be printed, saved as Adobe Acrobat PDF files or exported to Microsoft Excel for comprehensive analysis.
  • Accounts data – The accounts extract data, required for completing an individual’s Form 11, can either be input manually or imported directly from CCH Accounts Production using the data import feature.
  • Roll forward – Client data can easily be copied from year to year while permanent information, such as a client’s date of birth and family situation, are stored in the CCH Personal Tax IE database
  • Online filing – CCH Personal Tax IE integrates with ROS by allowing a file containing all the data for the return to be saved and then uploaded to the ROS system. This way you can benefit from the data stored in the CCH Personal Tax IE database whilst fully exploiting the advantages of online filing.
  • Efficiency – Adjusted profit and capital allowance computations are easily prepared and printed, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual or spreadsheet computations.
  • Professional – CCH Personal Tax IE provides accurate and professionally prepared computations which will enhance your clients’ perception of your firm.

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"We have used CCH Personal Tax for a number of years and continue to do so for its ease of use, ability to roll information forward from year to year as it saves us huge amounts of time, and the simplicity of filing a clients return online through ROS. I particularly like the drill down facility on both the computation and the Form 11 which makes reviewing a return much easier and faster"

Niall Moran

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